#04 Program installation for coding study

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Install a program to study coding


Browser① (Chrome②),

Code Editor③ (VScode④)

① Browser: Generic term for application for searching and browsing Internet contents based on the World Wide Web, such as HTML documents, pictures, and multimedia files. ② Chrome : Google이 만든 웹 브라우저의 이름

③ Code editor: A program designed to edit the source code of computer programs by programmers

④ VScode: Abbreviation for Visual Studio Code, a source code editor developed by Microsoft for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux.

  1. Installing the browser (Installing Chrome)

First, let’s install “Browser” to access the Internet site.

If you are using Windows, the official browser ‘Internet Explore’ is installed by default. But as I said before, we will install ‘Chrome’ separately for more efficient coding study. Chrome has the advantage of having great performance, and above all, a very convenient tool for developers.

Go to the link https://www.google.com/intl/en/chrome/ and click the blue ‘Download Chrome’ button shown in the image above.

After a while, when installation is complete, click the Chrome icon on the desktop to check if it runs normally.

  1. Installing the code editor

Now let’s install ‘Code Editor’.

‘Code editor’ is a program in which some functions are added to ‘Notepad’ provided by Windows. You can code in Notepad, but it can be a little inconvenient because you cannot correct it when you write the wrong sentence and there are no other convenient additional functions. The code editor includes Sublime Text⑤, Atom⑥, and VScode⑦. Of these, you can freely select one and use it. Here, the most recent version, and users will install the most ‘VScode’.

⑤ Sublime Text: A proprietary cross-platform source code editor written for the Python API.

⑥ Atom: Free and open source OS X, Linux, Windows documentation and source code editor.

⑦ VScode: No. 1 code editor as of 2018, https://triplebyte.com/blog/editor-report-the-rise-of-visual-studio-code

Go to the link https://code.visualstudio.com/, click the green download button to download and run the installation file.

When you run the installation file, the window that appears appears in order by selecting ‘Next> I accept the agreement> Next> Next> Next> Next’ to complete the installation!

Today, I installed a browser and a code editor to help you study coding effectively. In the next week’s lecture, we will learn coding in earnest by practicing using these two programs.

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