#01 Why we should learn coding

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Why we should learn coding

Today, the word 4th industrial revolution has become familiar. Core technologies representing ‘4th Industrial Revolution’ such as artificial intelligence, IoT, intelligent robots, and big data analysis are attracting attention. Following the advanced countries of education such as the United Kingdom and Israel, Korea has participated in the coding education craze by mandating software education (coding education) in elementary, middle and high schools nationwide since 2018.

Coding refers to the process of inputting a command into a programming language such as C language ①, Java ②, and Python ③ that can be understood by a computer. In other words, it means changing the words we use into codes that the computer can understand.

① A system programming language developed by D.M.Ritchie et al in 1971 at Bell Labs. A program that can write programs concisely and is easy to program

② As an object-oriented programming language used for web, app, game, education, advertisement, etc., it is simpler and easier than C / C ++ and easy to implement on the network.

③ A language that has spread to programming non-majors in recent years. Concise and productive programming language compared to other computer languages

Coding education is not just learning coding (programming) skills, but it is possible to think creatively and logically to solve problems by repeating the process of thinking and solving problems. What’s more, the importance of coding education is recognized by many celebrities around the world, such as the former President of the United States, Obama, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Apple founder Steve Jobs, and entrepreneur Bill Gates.

On the other hand, the practical importance of coding is often unknown. Let’s find out with Joe Coding, an IT industry practitioner and coding education creator.

In recent years, everyone, including elementary school students, men and women of all ages are coding using Scratch⑤ and Entry⑥, and advanced high-level languages ​​such as Python⑦, JavaScript⑧, Ruby⑨, which can be learned even if they are not majors, have been developed to make access very easy.

In addition, with the emergence of convenient development tools such as Framwork Cloud, Cloud Service⑪, and API 도와 to help the process, the era has come for anyone to code.

In other words, if you just need the basics that can utilize the high-level, easy-to-access language mentioned above, you can easily create the service you want to develop by using existing tools.

④ Machine-readable machine language consisting of binary digits (0, 1) that are readable by human characters.

⑤ Educational programming language for assembling blocks used for essential elementary school curriculum developed by MIT

⑥ Educational programming language in the form of assembling blocks used in the essential curriculum of elementary school

⑦ Platform-independent, interpreter, object-oriented, dynamic typing interactive language

⑧ Object-based script programming language

⑨ Dynamic object-oriented script programming language (MRI) developed by Yukihiro Matsumoto

A software environment that provides a collaborative and reusable design and implementation of parts that correspond to specific functions of software to facilitate the development of software applications or solutions.

A service that stores software in the Internet cloud space (computer data) and can be used whenever necessary.

The language or message format used for communication between the operating system and the application program

JoCoding | I also came up with a department that had nothing to do with coding, and when I was in college, I started learning coding. However, after studying for only 1 ~ 2 years, I was able to create and operate various web and app services. Coding is not as difficult as it sounds, and I realized that anyone can learn. You can do it too ​ ##If you have good ideas and luck, you can make a lot of money.

Source Facebook

###1) Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg, an ordinary college student, suddenly created a simple and interesting community to communicate with friends one day. The community service that was created at the time was a program that can be easily created if a person who has studied properly for about 6 months is using the latest technology.

The service that was created as such began to become an issue among college students, and gradually developed into a global service and grew into a company with a current enterprise value of about 400 trillion won. I uploaded it.

###2) flappy bird

It is a game developed by an ordinary developer in Vietnam. It is a simple game that taps and taps the screen to avoid obstacles. It is a game that can be made by investing a few weeks if you study programming for 3 months. The game created through this process generated approximately 1.6 billion won a month in revenue from advertising alone. What’s more surprising is that as the number of users has increased rapidly, the developer and the popularity have been burdened, so the service has been closed and the app has been released. .

Joe Coding Many IT companies were born not only through the great service of famous companies or the cases with very large sales, but also through easy and simple programming. Also, as a single developer, not a company, you can see a lot of people who are selling hundreds of thousands of won a month to hundreds of thousands of won a month.

##Useful in real life

This is useful for general web surfing and work, etc., even if it is not intended to develop a service that can make a lot of money.

For example, when I was working as an intern and working as a researcher, there was a task of scrapping and summarizing articles in a specific form. Although it took a long time to write and organize one by one by hand, I was able to complete the work very efficiently by developing and utilizing the ‘work automation tool’ that collects articles using coding knowledge and converts them into a fixed form at the touch of a button.

##Can help you get a job.

As you become more interested in coding and build your skills little by little, you can work in the IT field even though you are a non-major like me. In particular, not only developers in the IT field, but also other basic fields such as planning, marketing, design, etc., can be a great advantage if they have the basic ability to use coding.

Today, studying coding can be seen as a loss of time or cost. Entry barriers to coding languages ​​have become very low enough for elementary school students to learn, and there are many convenient tools to help the development process. Besides, the game or service that you have studied and made by yourself is a great advantage of the experience of using coding itself, regardless of success or failure. In addition, it can be very useful in real life such as efficiently solving repetitive and simple tasks through business automation.

How are you? Let’s start with coding, no coding, no reason not to learn :)

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